Project Description

Occupancy Increases at Fort Monroe

Fort Monroe’s central location in Hampton Roads and the unique mix of history, unparalleled scenery and increasing amenities make Fort Monroe a very desirable place to live, work, and play.

Residential occupancy at Fort Monroe remained at 90% or better and several residential units that were off line were rehabilitated and added to the FMA rental inventory. Additionally, new commercial projects, such as the opening of the YMCA building, contributed to the increase in commercial occupancy at Fort Monroe.

The Paradise Ocean Club added a roof structure over the deck and the marina restaurant reopened as the new Deadrise Seafood Restaurant at Fort Monroe. Both of these venues experienced unprecedented success in 2015 and demonstrate the desirability of this property as a waterfront venue.

Several significant accomplishments in 2015 and projects planned for 2016 indicate that the future is very bright for Fort Monroe:

The FMA was pleased to welcome the YMCA as the new tenant of the former Fort Monroe Fitness Center. Working closely with the “Y” on marketing and rehabilitation of the building revealed that the YMCA creates a new asset for the property that contributes to the marketability of both Fort Monroe and Phoebus. 
Renovation of the
Old Post Office and Customs House
The Fort Monroe Authority completed the renovations of this building and officially moved into the FMA Administrative Offices in the summer of 2015. The renovation of this building included exterior mortar and slate roof improvements. Workers also installed a new HVAC, exposed two fireplaces, and returned the 1896 Seth Thomas Clock in the Clock tower to full function.
Renovation of
Armistead Hall
Also known as building 80, this was the former Fort Monroe Inn where significant visitors included First Lady Mamie Eisenhower. Renovations are nearing completion on two 2-bedroom apartments and eight 1-bedroom apartments. Reservations for tenants are filling quickly and occupancy is expected in spring 2016.
Oozlefinch Brewery
Comes to Fort Monroe

Lease arrangements were completed in 2015 and plans are underway to renovate Building 12 into the Oozlefinch Craft Brewery at Fort Monroe. The Oozlefinch is the mystical bird discovered late one night by a soldier returning from the officers’ club and went on to become the official mascot of the Coastal Artillery School at Fort Monroe.